Computer Checks and Forms

Computer Checks:

We have the ability to create checks for any computer program you may be using. Checks can be made continuous (tractor feed on both sides) or laser printable checks made 8 1/2 x 11. Multiple checks are available for either style. Since all our checks are custom-made, we don't charge extra for the initial design and setup. Various background designs and colors are available in standard. Production time on most checks are one week to 10 days. Since we specialize in custom checks, our prices are very competitive and we'll match or beat your current cost in most cases.

Computer Forms:

Specializing in custom computer forms are another area we excel in. We have created these types of forms for over 40 years. These forms can be continuous (tractor feed) or single for laster printers. They can also be multi-color as well as multi-parts depending on your needs. As with all of our printing, excepting in rare cases, there are no setup or design fees.

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